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Individual designs for your chosen products

Feel free to choose a pattern for your chosen item from the shop. My Patterns can also be printed onto fabric for your sewing or quilting needs.

Please let me know which pattern you would like on which item.



Spring Parade

Summer Parade

Autumn Parade

Winter parade

Swimming Fishies in Blues and White

Pattern (7).jpg
Pattern (3).jpg
Pattern (2).jpg

A Taste of the Med #1

Pattern (9).jpg

A Taste of the Med #2

Beyond the Galaxy - small copy.jpg
Lava Flow small.jpg
Ocean Waves 72dpi .jpg

Lava Flow


Ocean Waves

Rosie Pink Splatter.jpg

Rosie Pink Splatter

flamingo dance.jpg

Flamingo Dance


A Cascade of Poppies

roses over vivamagenta.jpg

Fishermans Hut

Rosie Vines over Viva Magenta

Dandelion Blue

Tangled in the Seaweed Blue.jpg
Tangled in the Seaweed Pink.jpg

Tangled in the Seaweed 

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