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Lizzy P


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About Me

My name is Heather Prince and I am the owner of Lizzy P Designs.

I live in a beautiful town by the sea, what better inspiration can there be?

At 33 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and decided now was the time to do something for myself.  I completed a full-time art and design degree.

After owning an art materials and art club shop for 4 years I went into teaching art at high school level.

At 52 I am still teaching high school art which I love but I felt the need to return to my design origins and therefore have turned my hand to surface pattern design.

Art and design is what makes me happy, I love working with colour and pattern.

I would like to share my designs with the world at large and welcome people/businesses to my site.


Please contact me for any designs you like or if you would like to collaborate with me.

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